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The proposal is from Invitalia, the National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Development, which has decided to stake another 100 million euros on the Zero-rate New Business project, after the 50 million already allocated. Invitalia’s project is to provide appropriate economic incentives to support the creation and development of new companies and startups, at the helm of which are young people, aged 18 to 35, or women. The Agency has taken steps to free up the amounts allocated by the PON Entrepreneurial Development 2000 – 2006, allocating them to this interesting project.

With New companies at zero rate

With New companies at zero rate

Invitalia intends to support the development of youth or women’s businesses, so as to give rise to micro and small businesses in the area devoted to innovation, increasing the renewal of the productive sector in the territory. The maximum limit for this type of investment is 1.5 million euros, which must cover up to a maximum of 75% of total expenses. It is a zero rate loan with a maximum duration of up to 8 years.

Proceed with the forwarding

Proceed with the forwarding

In order to be able to present the application and access the funds allocated to New Businesses at a zero rate, it is necessary to connect to the Invitalia online counter, and proceed with the forwarding. The relevant legislation is that of the Ministerial Decree of 9 August 2016 “Assignment of resources for Smart & Start Italia interventions (New companies at zero rate)”.

Thanks to an agreement between ABI, Mise and Agency, the users of the envisaged financing will be able to open a fixed current account for the immediate perception of the contributions, so as to reduce the time for supplier payments. At the moment, the accredited banking institutions are Banca Popolare del Frusinate, Banca di Piacenza and the rural and artisan fund of Boves – Cooperative credit bank.

By virtue of the capitals committed

the numbers prove to be decidedly interesting: Invitalia has already admitted to funding 171 new projects, providing 42 million euros in benefits. The investments made, amounting to 65 million euros, allowed the creation of a thousand new jobs. The most represented region is Campania, with 76 projects presented.

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